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The firm’s fees are based on the time and expertise required for your business. Our objective is always to give you as much value as possible for the fee charged.  At the initial conference, we discuss the nature of the work to be done for you and the fee arrangement. There is no charge for this conference and we encourage you to discuss fees with us at any time.


  • Balance Sheet - Necessary for a loan and to establish credit with a bank or new supplier. This important tool is available at any time.
  • Operating Statement - Gives a clear, concise picture of the profit and loss for the month, as well as, for the year-to-date. The percentages provide a management tool for controlling your business.
  • Detail General Ledger - Provides detail analysis of all entries made to all accounts each month.
  • Bank Reconciliation - Provides you with a correct cash balance each month, advising you of any adjustments or corrections so you know you are always using the correct figure.
  • Payroll Processing - Preparation of payroll checks for employees or of a payroll register so that you may write your own payroll checks. We also offer direct deposit for your employees. You only call, email, or fax in hours worked or forward the time cards to us.

Additional Services

  • Comparative Financial Statements - Monthly comparison to budget or prior year.
  • Department Financial Statements - Monthly financial statements for each department of your business.
  • Accounts Receivable - We prepare invoices to be mailed to your customers, record cash receipts, and provide statements for your customers.
  • Account Payable - We record and pay your vendor invoices. We also track your outstanding accounts payable.
  • Job Costing - Preparation of Job Costing reports that compare estimated cost and actual cost of jobs in progress.

A Complete Accounting and Tax Service

  • Year-end planning to maximize tax savings
  • Year-round business and personal tax consultation
  • Tax comparisons to maximize legal deductions
  • Elimination of unwarranted penalties
  • Year-round monitoring of tax law changes
  • Computer-aided tax law changes
  • Authorized e-file provider for your federal and state income tax returns
  • Projects, budgets and comparative financial reports

For a complementary evaluation of your financial record needs, please contact our office today.